What is HideMySearches.com?

What is HideMySearches?

HideMySearches is a search engine that is available for free at HideMySearches.com or as a browser extension for Google Chrome. The app is an add on for your browser which makes searching privately easier. You will be taken to HideMySearches’ private search results page without having to completely reconfigure your browser.

As a private search engine, we help minimize the tracking and collection of personal information that other search engines use. You may download HideMySearches’ extension in the Chrome Web store (or by clicking here). If you’d rather not download our extension, you can still use HideMySearches at HideMySearches.com.

How Does HideMySearches Protect Your Privacy?

Many online search engines collect information such as your IP address, geolocations, URLs of pages you’ve visited, search terms you’ve entered and more. HideMySearches chooses to gather as little information as possible to preserve your privacy and to minimize any risk of that data being hacked or leaked.

HideMySearches doesn’t link your searches back to a data profile or to your other online accounts. You shouldn’t have to worry that your searches could be uncovered later and held against you.

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Type:Private Search Engine
Browser Extension:HideMySearches
Functionality:Private, Encrypted Search
Serving IP Address:
Features:Web, Image, Video, News, Shopping and Maps Search, Expiring Searches
About:The Search Engine That Puts Privacy First

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