How To Unblock Instagram

If you’re on a school or work WiFi network, you may have noticed that when you try to visit certain sites (like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or adult websites) you get an error message, a warning or the sites simply won’t load.

How Do Work and School Networks Block Instagram?

Network admins at your work or school set certain rules for anyone connected to these particular networks. To block Instagram, these admins simply add ‘’ to a blacklist of domains that users can’t access. As the router monitors the traffic passing through it, it checks the domains a user is trying to visit against this blacklist and blocks the requests anytime a user tries to go to a blacklisted domain.

It can be frustrating if you are connected to your work or school’s network on your own device, like your phone, and are still subject to the network’s blocking rules. You can usually circumvent these content filters, with a little effort and technical know-how.

How To Access Instagram At School or Work

To access Instagram or other blocked websites you’ll need to either connect to a different network or find a way to sneak past the blocking method your network is using.

How to Access Instagram on Your Phone

Accessing Instagram on your phone when it’s blocked on a certain network is pretty simple. You just need to disconnect from the network that Instagram is blocked on and connect via mobile data.

How to Access Instagram on School Computers

To access Instagram on computers controlled by your school is a little bit more difficult. The router that this computer is connected to won’t let you visit To access this site you need to find a way to view Instagram without the router seeing that you’re going to that site.

Use a Proxy Server

The best way to access blocked sites on a network is to use a Proxy server. Proxies work by using another computer to connect to the website you’re accessing and then your computer connects to this proxy and not to the website directly.

One issue with this method of accessing blocked sites is that network admins have caught on to this method that people use to get around content filters. Many web proxy websites are also blocked by these same blacklists. You can usually try a few and find one that the admins have missed.

Use a VPN

Virtual private networks work by redirecting your internet connection through “virtual” network locations. Since you’re connected to another network, you can get around the rules restricting your activity on your work or school network. The drawbacks to VPNs is that these are often paid tools, but if you already have access to a VPN you can use that on a work or school computer as well. Some school or work computers may have restrictions on installing programs (like VPNs) on these computers, so this won’t always work.

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