How To Block a Website

Blocking a website

There are a number of reasons you may want to block certain websites from loading on your phone or your computer. You may want to block sites like Facebook and YouTube to help with your productivity while completing a certain task, or you may want to keep your kids from visiting adult websites on your computer.


How to Block Websites on Windows

Block Sites with Blocking Software and Applications

Schools and offices often use this method to prevent people on their computers from visiting sites like Facebook, YouTube and adult websites. This method requires that you install a content blocking application like HT Employee Monitor or Barracuda Web Security Gateway.

After you’ve installed the software, you’ll need to set up the website filtering rules to tell the software which websites to block.

Block Sites with Parental Controls

Windows 10 includes functionality to block certain websites within Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers. To do this, go to and follow these steps:

  1. Find your child’s name and select Content restrictions.
  2. Scroll down to Web browsing and switch Block inappropriate websites from Off to On.
  3. If you want to always block specific sites, add their URLs under Always blocked.
  4. If you want your child to only see websites you’ve explicitly allowed, check the box next to Only allow these websites.

Block Websites on Windows 10 Using the Hosts File

This method for blocking sites is more technical than other processes in this list. The Windows Hosts file lets you define which websites are linked to which IP addresses. While this link is usually determined by your DNS servers, your Hosts file can override the DNS servers to block certain websites, redirect them to other sites or to create your own local domains.

Your DNS server may say that will take you to Google’s IP address ( However, if you want to block this website, you can make a simple change in your hosts file.

To block you would add this line to the bottom of your hosts file: is the IP address for your local computer, and is the website you want to block. This line of text tells your computer that rather than going to, your browser should direct this domain to this IP address.

How to Block Websites on Mac

  1. Open Parental Controls in System Preferences
  2. If you want to block certain websites for a user account already on your device, select the account you want to restrict. Otherwise, you will have to create a new account.
  3. The Parental Controls menu has tabs for Apps, Web, Stores, Time, Privacy or Other. You can restrict what certain users can view, download or change.
  4. To block websites, go to the Web tab. You can choose to allow access to all websites, try to limit access to adult websites, or only allow a user to visit a list of certain websites.
macOS Parental Controls Menu

Since Safari doesn’t offer any built-in site-blocking features,

How to Block a Website on Chrome

There is no built-in feature in Chrome for blocking certain sites, but the easiest way to do this is to use a browser extension like BlockSite.

Source: Chrome Web Store

BlockSite allows you to permanently block websites, block sites on a schedule, and then redirect those sites to other sites. You can also use a feature called Work Mode to block certain sites for a set time period. This is a useful feature if you want to work on a task for a certain time interval without visiting websites that kill your productivity.

How to Block a Website on Firefox

Similar to Chrome, Firefox does not have a built-in website blocking feature, but it does have add-ons like BlockSite, that can do this. This add-on for Firefox has the same functionality as the Chrome version of this tool.

How To Block a Website on Your Phone

Blocking a Website on Android Phone or Tablet

There are a few ways you can block certain websites on your Android phone or tablet. First, you can use a security app like Mobile Security & Antivirus. Second, you can use a website blocker app, which work much like the browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox on desktop. And finally, you can use a firewall, set up with certain rules to block certain websites.

Blocking a Website on iPhone or iPad (iOS)

  1. Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions
  2. Turn on Content & Privacy Restrictions. Then select Content Restrictions.
  3. Select Web Content. To block certain websites select ‘Limit Adult Websites’. Under Never Allow, select ‘Add Website’. Enter the URL of the site you want to block.

How to Block a Website on Your Network

  1. You’ll need to navigate to your router’s settings. You can do this by entering your Router’s IP address into a web browser and logging in.
  2. Many routers have parental control settings that allow you to block certain websites. Just add the URLs you want to block to your router’s blacklist and then no one can visit those sites on your network.

Keep in mind that if you block a website on your network, your kids or anyone else can still access those websites with connections to other networks. If you are trying to prevent your kids from visiting certain sites on their phones, they could still access these sites using a connection to a mobile data network.

How To Find Your Router’s IP Address on Windows

  1. Open command prompt.
  2. Type ipconfig
  3. Your router’s IP addreses will be listed next to Default Gateway.

How To Find Your Router’s IP Address on Mac

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Go to Network > Advanced.
  3. Under TCP/IP, your router’s IP address will be listed next to ‘Router’.

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