Clear Your Browsing History to Avoid Embarrassment

Having embarrassing things in your browsing history can lead to you having to explain yourself to your friends, your boss or someone else you’ve let use your computer.

Why You Should Clear Your History

You should clear your history regularly to prevent anyone who may also use your computer from snooping on your browsing. This could reveal unwanted information about you. For example, if you have a medical condition that you research on a regular basis, someone could find that in your history and hold that information against you.

If you have certain religious affiliations, you may be vilified for viewing certain websites or content on the internet. Clearing your browsing history is a simple way to cover your tracks.

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Set Your Browser To Not Store Your History

You don’t have to clear your browsing history every time you use your browser. Most browsers allow you to choose how long it stores your history, or if you want to store your history at all. With this setting enabled, you’ll never have to worry if you forget to clear your history.

You Should Also Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies

Cache: Browser cache helps websites load faster by storing parts of websites so that you can just load the resources from your hard disk rather than from the internet. The first time you visit a website, your browser will download elements like the site’s logo or the site’s headers. The next time you visit this site, you may see that these elements load first because they’re coming from your hard drive.

Cookies: Cookies are basically small packets of data that your browser stores to keep track of your browsing. While these have possible privacy implications, cookies actually help make your browsing more user-friendly. For example, if you add a product to your Shopping Cart on an e-commerce website, the website uses cookies to know when it’s you returning to the website so those items will still appear in your cart. Without cookies, you would have to add the items to your shopping cart every time you left and came back to a site.

Normal cookie usage doesn’t cause viruses or malware to impact your computer. Because the data in cookies doesn’t change when it’s sent back and forth, there really isn’t a way for cookies to change how your computer runs. However, third-party tracking cookies can be an issue because they let sites track your browsing (often without your knowledge). Other cookies can actually recreate themselves after you delete them, so you may think you’re in the clear when a site can still track you.

How To Clear Your Cookies

To clear your cookies, go into your browser settings and find the cookie storage options. Within those options you can tell your browser to not allow cookies at all, allow some cookies, or allow all cookies. Google Chrome, for example, lets you delete your existing cookies very quickly with a single click.

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